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In a Car Accident?

What to do NOW



1. Check that everyone is safe

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2. Check if there is any damage to the vehicles

  • exchange information with the other people

  • Take a photo of their insurance card (or jot down the info). Give them your insurance card info.

  • Don't talk about who was at fault. Don't blame the other party and don't apologize.​

-camera - take pictures of damage to each car, locations of the cars (if they have not been moved since the impact), the roadway layout/intersection layout, and skid marks

-this form:

Frequently Asked Questions After a Car Accident

Q. Should I call 911?

A. A lot of people seem to think that the police should be called for any and all car accident ansd that is simply not the case.

CALL 911 IF:​

  • Anyone is injured and needs to be taken to the hospital

  • Someone feels they are in danger

  • Someone is stuck inside a vehicle 

  • A vehicle is stuck on the road and cannot be moved

  • One of the parties was driving under the influence

  • If there is damage to city property


As in all things, use your best judgement, but generally, you do NOT need to call 911 if:​

  • You feel a little shaken up, but are not injured

  • You had a minor collision with some damage to your car, but no injuries



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